Pricing Policy FAQs

“What is Demand-Based Pricing?”

Airlines, hotels, and even your favorite sports team have been utilizing demand-based pricing for years. This pricing strategy is becoming more common in the golf industry. Greens fee rates will be adjusted – both higher and lower – in real-time, based on demand, availability, and other changing factors. With rates changing in real-time, demand-based pricing puts you in the driver’s seat—giving you the chance to find the best rate, time and day that works for you.

“I play at the same time every week, why is my green fee a different price?”

As is done with other industries that use demand-based pricing, such as airlines and hotels, the pricing fluctuates, based on demand, availability, and other changing factors. This allows you to choose to the best rate and time that works for you and you playing partners.

“Why is the other twosome playing with us paying a different rate?”

The tee sheet updates in real-time and changes the pricing, both up and down, based on the availability and demand at that particular moment. As people book and cancel, the conditions will update, and the pricing will change. In the case described above, if the 2 reservations booked at different times, they would be made under different booking conditions.