Hole Descriptions

Hole #1 -The front nine starts off with a very long par 4. Tree lined on both sides of the fairway with a waste bunker on the right. The elevated green puts a premium on your approach shot. Players will be faced with an uphill pitch shot if they miss this green.

Hole #2 - Par 5 The tee shot needs to avoid the large Oak Tree down the left hand side of the fairway. Players may need to lay up to avoid the fairway bunkers approximately 75 yards from the green. “HINT” take plenty of club to clear the front bunker which is the most highly used bunker on the course.

Hole #3 - Par 3 After the view of the first two holes takes your breath away, gather yourself to hit a challenging tee shot over watery grave. To add to the excitement water boarders the right side of this hole as well. Take enough club not only to carry the water, but the bunker in front of the green also.

Hole #4 - A short Par 4 with a creek running down the left side of this hole invites players to hit their tee shots down the tree lined right side. The green is challenging due to the fact that it is small, slopes back to front, elevated on the right side and has the creek on the left.

Hole #5 - Par 4 A slight power fade is the ideal tee shot. A short to mid iron to a slightly elevated green, which will play a half a club longer faces the player. Now off to the finish of the front 9 known as “Bent Trees Coffin Corner”

Hole #6 - DO NOT hold back! This is one of our longest Par 4’s. To add to the adventure, this hole including greenside is all uphill. Featuring a large green that runs back to front makes the long uphill putt just as difficult as the down hill putt. Walking off this hole with a par will put a smile on your face.

Hole #7 - Par 4. This is a dogleg right short on distance, but long on difficulty. The tee shot depending on the teeing area of choice of is 225 to 165 yards needed to reach the dogleg. The creek runs the entire left side of this hole then turns to go in front of the green. The forest on the right side captures many tee shots. Your approach shot is over the creek to a two- tiered green with a bunker guarding the front right and O.B. left.

Hole #8 - A short par 3 that is well bunkered demands clearing the bunker in front of the green. This hole looks shorter than it plays, so trust your yardage. The tee shot is all carry to the green!

Hole #9 - A gamblers dream hole!, This Par 5 is a double dogleg, going right off the tee then left when approaching the green. The player can try to fade a tee shot over the water on the right, then if successful try to reach the green on their second shot by carrying the lake green side. Playing the conventional way down the middle, players will have to carry over a creek at 170 yards from the green. The 3 -tiered green is beautifully surrounded by trees and bunkers. I am sure you feel this hole is worth of the T.V. cameras.

Hole #10 - This is not a very long par 5 but demands accuracy off the tee and throughout the entire hole. The right side of this hole is bordered by water so keeping the ball left is highly recommended. The newly elevated green places a decision on the 2nd shot for the long hitters and a precise approach for others. Missing the green left will lead to a blind pitch shot. When standing on the green take a look around and enjoy the beauty that Bent Tree has to offer.

Hole #11 - Par 4. A nice tee shot down the left center will avoid the large tree that plays havoc with approach shots. The right side of this hole is borbered by water so missing left would be your best option. The green is rather open with only one greenside bunker.

Hole #12 - Par 4. This hole, while not being long, will get your attention with Lateral Hazards on both sides of the fairway. The Lake on the right side runs all the way down this hole. A Pine Tree and bunker in front of the right side of the green will get you thinking on your approach shot.

Hole #13 - Lucky #13 is one of my favorite Par 4’s in Sarasota. A fairly long, sweeping dogleg left with trees and O.B. the entire left side makes for an interesting tee shot. If you can draw your tee shot or hit the ball high enough over the cluster of Pine Trees this hole can play 40 yards shorter than the tee shots going right. The green has bunkers on the front right and back left. Lucky # 13 was featured in the Sun Coast Dream 18 in 2014.

Hole #14 - This Par 3 is our longest. The hole runs up hill to an elevated green that is guarded by a bunker on the left and plenty of Palm Trees on the right. And if you get the chance to go over the green, look out “water”.

Hole #15 - Now our shortest Par 3. This little Par 3 is Bent Trees Postage Stamp Edition! The tee shot must carry over the lake with the green being elevated, running front to back, much higher than normal. When missing the green left or right your ball will roll into the collection areas of fairway. Keep it on the green and you will have a great opportunity for a par or birdie.

Hole #16 -The narrow Par 4 has O.B. the entire left side of the hole. Players favoring the right side will have to contend with trees lining the left side of this hole. The large putting surface slopes from back to front with a greenside bunker on the left.

Hole #17 - Par 4 A tee shot down the left center is ideal but take caution, O.B. boarders the left side of this hole. On your approach shot take enough club to carry the bunker on the right front and if you carry over the bunker on the front left you will most likely find the lake that is greenside.

Hole #18 - This finishing Par 5 can be very rewarding if you can keep your tee shot left center and keep your ball in bounds (O.B. on the left). The woods on the right will consume the players who fade or slice their tee shot. With O.B. on the left and water guarding the right side on your approach to this green, it is a risk reward going for the green in 2. After successfully arriving to the short approach shot take caution with the green although with no bunkers it runs front to back with O.B. just over the green.

​Have a Great Round!!